altice paid social


To reach customers with meaningful value propositions using brand and direct response creative, assessed Altice's Optimum brand digital creative and worked cross functionally to test and determine best offers and creative to be in market. 


Leverage dynamic content to provide best offer and targeted personalized messaging based on consumer segment with consistent brand message and creative. 


From September 2016 to October 2016 (the first month the new strategy was implemented) impressions for Facebook and Instagram increased by 28% and 63% respectively and cost per click improved, with Facebook decreasing by as much as 6% and Instagram by 37%. For Twitter, impressions increased by 132%, link clicks increased by 489% and web orders increased by 460%, cost per link improved by 17% and cost per order improved by 13% During the same time period, paid social engagement had increased as a traffic driver from 6% of overall paid traffic in September 2016 to 14% in October 2016.