Nikon DSLR products landing page redesign


The original Nikon DSLR products landing page included a list of all Nikon DSLRs which caused confusion for consumers as to which camera would be a good fit for them. The idea behind the redesign was to create a landing page that targeted specific user bases to help consumers more easily decide which product was best for them. I led the new look initiative including developing DSLR lineup into three new categories, created messaging with a focus on voice of customer and worked alongside creative and development teams on design and build.


To present Nikon's DSLR lineup in three new categories, each targeted to a specific user base. All three category pages present the overall benefits of owing a Nikon DSLR as well as the specific benefits of each category and the products within it.


Led redesign of Nikon's DSLR landing page on time and within budget, driving a 9.6% lift in online Nikon store conversion rates.