Feelings of Nostalgia

The first camera I picked up was my Dad's old film camera many many moons ago. Since then I transitioned to digital...I was a little late to the game, but I did it, and that was 10 years ago. All these years shooting digital, I missed film. I missed the way I knew I only had 20-something pictures to be able to take per role. I missed how I would stop and take the time to think about what I was shooting instead of just taking hundreds of pictures on a whim as I do, and as most do, with digital. I missed how much more creative I was shooting film. I missed it all. 

I decided a couple months ago that I wanted to bring back a film camera into my camera bag. I purchased a Nikon F5, a workhorse in its time and still to this day. When the camera arrived, I took it along with some black and white film, my hubby Adam and my daughter Belén to an arboretum and took some pictures. It was a rainy and oddly cool early summer day which went along with the moody feel the black and white film provides. Below are some of my favorite pictures from that day. I used a NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G lens and had the film developed by theFINDlab.