Family Holiday Photos

Emily & Family Mini Photo Session

Emily approached me wanting to do a quick photo session while her dad and brother were in town visiting for the holidays. It was a very quick session and I wish we had more time because Emily and her family are just so photogenic! And her and her husband’s two daughters are just too precious. I hope you enjoy looking through their photos!

Renee & Family Photo Session

A little over a week ago I had a wonderful time shooting two families. I met Renee through my daughter’s school and I was so excited when she approached me wanting to do a family photo session for their holiday cards. She also recommended her sister to me, who you will see her family’s photo session in the following blog post. The session was super early in the morning and it was quite cold outside, but everyone was awesome, even the kids were troopers! I have too many favorites and I hope you enjoy looking through their photo session.

Easter Egg Dying with Belén

We live in an interfaith household as I was raised Catholic and my husband was raised Jewish, and in a few days we will be celebrating Passover and Easter. While my husband and I are not religious, we do feel it is important that our daughter is raised knowing the traditions and faith of each religion. Dying eggs has long been a spring tradition that is connected to Easter, but it's true roots (e.g. Pagan or Christian) are something unknown and there are some theories as to how dying eggs came about. Either way, it is still a fun tradition to do every year around this time especially with the younger ones. I hope you enjoy the photos! 

Carter Family Holiday Photo Session

The lovely Carters have let me take their holiday photos and some more of Dylan's first photos. It was just a few weeks ago when I was joining them in the hospital taking pictures of Dylan's first 48 hours of life. And here we are, it's almost the holidays! It was quite the day with some hiccups and not everything went as planned, but you couldn't tell from the photos. I always enjoy taking their photos for them and glad I did another session with them to treasure their memories.  

Our Family Holiday Photo Session

I decided this year to take some photos of my family, with myself included! We wanted to send our family gifts they would cherish, and we thought family photographs would be a wonderful gift idea. We decided to go with the pajama idea (yes, yes I know, cheesy). We found these wonderful Star Warm themed pajamas and went with it. I set up my camera on a tripod and used a wireless remote to trigger the camera. We had a fun time taking these, as silly as they may be. Enjoy! 

Belén's Holiday Photo Session

The holidays are fast approaching which means it's time to take photos of my family! Last year, the first year she was born, we started the family tradition of holiday cards to send out to family and friends. This will be her second Hanukkah and Christmas and we decided to do the holiday card theme around the two holidays as our family celebrates both. My husband was my lovely assistant, which helped because we literally had about 20 minutes to take photos before the sun set. Also trying to take photos of toddlers can get pretty unruly as I have experienced as of late! Enough ramblings for now, I hope you enjoy.