House Photography

Real Estate Photography

I have done some real estate/interior photography in the past but it’s been a long time. I recently came across a posting for a freelance photography gig so I figured I’d try for it. I luckily live in an apartment complex that has a model set up of one of the apartments. The application required photos of only one bedroom, the living room and the kitchen so that is why you are only seeing those images. The few things you need for real estate photography is a tripod, a wide angle lens and an attention for detail. The tripod is important because not only do you want the images to be crisp for when clients are viewing them, but there are many instances where you need to create bracketed images because of the lighting situation, for example shooting towards windows. A wide angle lens is also a necessity because it can show off an entire room and it is also helpful for rooms that are very small, like a bathroom. Lastly, attention to detail is of course important. You need to be able to see that all your lines are straight such as walls or counters, or need to make sure the room is aesthetically pleasing and to rearrange things as you think is appropriate, for example how throw pillows are set up, or making sure books are aligned. Anyways, enough ramblings, I hope you enjoy the photos and cross your fingers for me that I get the freelance gig!