Long Island Documentary Photography

Weekly Photo Favorites

I have been a little behind on this, but here are some of my favorites from the past few weeks. We've been incredibly busy between being away for a few weeks and then Belén's birthday in the beginning of the month (I will be creating separate posts from our trip to Arizona and from her birthday). I hope you enjoy!

Belén's 2nd Birthday Pictures

Today my little baby isn't such a little baby anymore! Belén is two, which also means we managed to keep a kid alive for two years. Who would've thought?! (Just kidding!) All joking aside, I had a really fun time taking her pictures. Kids, particularly toddlers, are usually hard to shoot because they want to do their own thing. But this ended up working out for me and is probably (for me anyway) the best way to work with toddlers. The second I would attempt to tell her to do something, she'd turn and run away. So I ended up not telling her to do much except play with the balloon. And I have to say, I think the photos game out awesome! Belén sure knows how to ham it up for pictures, but that's because she's used to my sticking my camera in her face all the time. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do!

Belén's First Paint Photos

Since my little girl is getting older, I decided it was time for her to try out her first craft, painting. But since I know she has a tendency to still put things in her mouth, I decided to research edible paint recipes. The paint is made from a mix of flour, water and food coloring. She had such a blast, but using the paint brushes lasted for about 10 seconds before she started dipping her hands into the paint and using them on the canvas. Glad we had a beautiful day outside, things sure got messy. And don't worry, nobody was harmed eating the paint! 

The photos were taken with a Nikon D750 and a NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED lens. I edited them in Lightroom and used a mix of the Mastin Labs Porta 160N preset + Porta 400N preset. Below are some of my favorite photos, I hope you enjoy!