Long Island Professional Headhsots

Ty Corporate Photo Session - January 15th, 2018

My good friend Ty approached me needing some photos taken for his job. He needed a range of photos that were a mix of business professional, business smart casual and athletic. I had such a wonderful time taking his photos, I think it helps that he is a friend! This was the first time I used my new Godox AD200 flash and MagMod Magsphere, which I used on the photos taken indoors. Enjoy!

Matt's Headshots Photo Session

I was recently contacted by the American Staffing Association to take some portrait photographs of one of their contract employee who was a national award winner for a program the agency holds every year. I really enjoyed working with Matt and learning about how he found the job and how much he’s grown in the position. Below are the three images ASA selected to use on their website and in their magazine for when they announce the national winners.

Sarah's Headshots Photo Session

I recently had the pleasure to take Sarah’s headshots. I’ve been using more of my medium format Pentax 654nii film camera because I just love the look it gives that it can be hard to replicate with digital. Here are a few of my favorites from her session, enjoy!

Susan's Headshots Photo Session

It's been a long time since I've done professional headshots for people and I forgot how much I enjoy them! Susan came to me because as she wanted a couple of headshots done and of course I agreed. These types of shoots go quick, but it's the post-processing that takes time. It may seem small but removing details such as lint from a jacket or straggles of hair, or softening the skin just slightly to add to the glow, or to even adding lip color can really make a big difference to a portrait. If you are curious to see my post-processing process, give me a shout out and I'll show you. If there is enough interest, maybe I'll even make a video to post.