Personal Photography

Matt's Headshots Photo Session

I was recently contacted by the American Staffing Association to take some portrait photographs of one of their contract employee who was a national award winner for a program the agency holds every year. I really enjoyed working with Matt and learning about how he found the job and how much he’s grown in the position. Below are the three images ASA selected to use on their website and in their magazine for when they announce the national winners.

Weekly Photo Favorites

Since I take more pictures then I actually post, I decided each week I will do a roundup of some of my favorites from the week. So here goes!

The first two pictures are from a foggy morning we had this week. The weather has been really awful here, whether it's snowing or freezing rain. On this morning the freezing rain gave way to a very late foggy morning, so Belén and I took a quick drive down the the docks near Jones Beach. The next few pictures are from another day this week when it rained, but in the late afternoon it turned out to be beautiful! We decided to take a quick trip to the park before dinner to enjoy the nice break. The last picture was from a birthday we attended this weekend. They came out with a bubble machine and of course the kids could not resist it! I purposely slowed down shutter to try and show some motion of Belén trying to catch the bubbles.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from this week!

Early Morning Winter Photo Excursion

I decided to be crazy this morning and got up early to go take some pictures since we had a snow & ice storm yesterday. I'm pretty sure it was maybe around 18 degrees out, and even with gloves on, I thought my fingers were going to fall off after 10 minutes of being outside! There was no ice covering on the trees as I was hoping for, but still got some nice pictures none the less. I just purchased the Portra Pack and Fuji Pro Pack Presets from Mastin Labs and I am in love! Even though I have not done a true film comparison yet, I used the presets on the images below and just by looking at them really brought back nostalgia from when I started shooting. Cannot wait to dust the old 35mm off and do a real comparison. Hope you enjoy!