Real Estate Photography

Beach Home in Ventnor, NJ

I had the pleasure of shooting this gorgeous beach home for an AirBnB listing. Sometimes an open floor plan can be overwhelming but I think this floor plan is perfect for it's size. I think it works so well here especially with all the natural light coming in from the front windows. I also love the natural and simple decor the homeowners did here for their vacation beach home in Ventnor, NJ. This shoot was a bit different from the typical real estate shoot because it needed to include some more details such as toys for children, beach accessories and other images that wouldn’t be used in a real estate listing.

Twin Home in Collingswood, NJ

The family who own this home in Collingswood were so fantastic! Not only did they have their beautiful room perfectly prepared for the photo session, they also were super accommodating! I just love their style and I know they will make their new home even more beautiful!

Apartment in Philadelphia, PA

I recently had a client reach out to me who needed an empty one bedroom apartment photographed in Philadelphia. What I loved about it is how much natural light came through the windows!

Victorian Home in Merchantville, NJ

I had the pleasure of shooting this beautiful victorian home that was built in 1906 for a dear friend. This was a bittersweet session for me because the lovely family who I met through my daughter’s school is moving to Boston to be closer to family and are selling this house. I love their home because it has many of the original details from when the house was built such as the wood floors, pocket doors and beautiful trim work throughout but it also has been updated such as the large chef’s kitchen and the master bathroom. And I can’t forget about that designer light in the formal dining room, It’s so unique and different! I could go on and on about this house, but would rather you enjoy the photos! And luckily for them they received multiple offers and went into contract within a few days of the home being listed. I wish them luck on their move.

Real Estate Photography

I have done some real estate/interior photography in the past but it’s been a long time. I recently came across a posting for a freelance photography gig so I figured I’d try for it. I luckily live in an apartment complex that has a model set up of one of the apartments. The application required photos of only one bedroom, the living room and the kitchen so that is why you are only seeing those images. The few things you need for real estate photography is a tripod, a wide angle lens and an attention for detail. The tripod is important because not only do you want the images to be crisp for when clients are viewing them, but there are many instances where you need to create bracketed images because of the lighting situation, for example shooting towards windows. A wide angle lens is also a necessity because it can show off an entire room and it is also helpful for rooms that are very small, like a bathroom. Lastly, attention to detail is of course important. You need to be able to see that all your lines are straight such as walls or counters, or need to make sure the room is aesthetically pleasing and to rearrange things as you think is appropriate, for example how throw pillows are set up, or making sure books are aligned. Anyways, enough ramblings, I hope you enjoy the photos and cross your fingers for me that I get the freelance gig!