Sarah's Headshots Photo Session

I recently had the pleasure to take Sarah’s headshots. I’ve been using more of my medium format Pentax 654nii film camera because I just love the look it gives that it can be hard to replicate with digital. Here are a few of my favorites from her session, enjoy!

Lee Family First Communion Photo Session

A couple of weeks ago I got to shoot some first communion family photos for this pretty young lady and their family. I am so thankful for my wonderful Erik who gave me the honor of photographing this special day for him and his family. We did this entire session on film, and bravely on film that was expired. I have to say, not so bad considering the film was expired! 

Weekly Photo Favorites

I have been a little behind on this, but here are some of my favorites from the past few weeks. We've been incredibly busy between being away for a few weeks and then Belén's birthday in the beginning of the month (I will be creating separate posts from our trip to Arizona and from her birthday). I hope you enjoy!

Belén's 2nd Birthday Pictures

Today my little baby isn't such a little baby anymore! Belén is two, which also means we managed to keep a kid alive for two years. Who would've thought?! (Just kidding!) All joking aside, I had a really fun time taking her pictures. Kids, particularly toddlers, are usually hard to shoot because they want to do their own thing. But this ended up working out for me and is probably (for me anyway) the best way to work with toddlers. The second I would attempt to tell her to do something, she'd turn and run away. So I ended up not telling her to do much except play with the balloon. And I have to say, I think the photos game out awesome! Belén sure knows how to ham it up for pictures, but that's because she's used to my sticking my camera in her face all the time. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do!

Weekly Photo Favorites

Since I take more pictures then I actually post, I decided each week I will do a roundup of some of my favorites from the week. So here goes!

The first two pictures are from a foggy morning we had this week. The weather has been really awful here, whether it's snowing or freezing rain. On this morning the freezing rain gave way to a very late foggy morning, so Belén and I took a quick drive down the the docks near Jones Beach. The next few pictures are from another day this week when it rained, but in the late afternoon it turned out to be beautiful! We decided to take a quick trip to the park before dinner to enjoy the nice break. The last picture was from a birthday we attended this weekend. They came out with a bubble machine and of course the kids could not resist it! I purposely slowed down shutter to try and show some motion of Belén trying to catch the bubbles.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from this week!

Easter Egg Dying with Belén

We live in an interfaith household as I was raised Catholic and my husband was raised Jewish, and in a few days we will be celebrating Passover and Easter. While my husband and I are not religious, we do feel it is important that our daughter is raised knowing the traditions and faith of each religion. Dying eggs has long been a spring tradition that is connected to Easter, but it's true roots (e.g. Pagan or Christian) are something unknown and there are some theories as to how dying eggs came about. Either way, it is still a fun tradition to do every year around this time especially with the younger ones. I hope you enjoy the photos! 

Susan's Headshots Photo Session

It's been a long time since I've done professional headshots for people and I forgot how much I enjoy them! Susan came to me because as she wanted a couple of headshots done and of course I agreed. These types of shoots go quick, but it's the post-processing that takes time. It may seem small but removing details such as lint from a jacket or straggles of hair, or softening the skin just slightly to add to the glow, or to even adding lip color can really make a big difference to a portrait. If you are curious to see my post-processing process, give me a shout out and I'll show you. If there is enough interest, maybe I'll even make a video to post.

Carter Family Holiday Photo Session

The lovely Carters have let me take their holiday photos and some more of Dylan's first photos. It was just a few weeks ago when I was joining them in the hospital taking pictures of Dylan's first 48 hours of life. And here we are, it's almost the holidays! It was quite the day with some hiccups and not everything went as planned, but you couldn't tell from the photos. I always enjoy taking their photos for them and glad I did another session with them to treasure their memories.  

Our Family Holiday Photo Session

I decided this year to take some photos of my family, with myself included! We wanted to send our family gifts they would cherish, and we thought family photographs would be a wonderful gift idea. We decided to go with the pajama idea (yes, yes I know, cheesy). We found these wonderful Star Warm themed pajamas and went with it. I set up my camera on a tripod and used a wireless remote to trigger the camera. We had a fun time taking these, as silly as they may be. Enjoy! 

Belén's Holiday Photo Session

The holidays are fast approaching which means it's time to take photos of my family! Last year, the first year she was born, we started the family tradition of holiday cards to send out to family and friends. This will be her second Hanukkah and Christmas and we decided to do the holiday card theme around the two holidays as our family celebrates both. My husband was my lovely assistant, which helped because we literally had about 20 minutes to take photos before the sun set. Also trying to take photos of toddlers can get pretty unruly as I have experienced as of late! Enough ramblings for now, I hope you enjoy.

Dylan's First 48 Hours Photo Session

Baby number two of the Carter family has arrived, and he is precious! HIs wonderful parents trusted me to take their Dylan's first 48 hours of being born photos. I am very lucky they did because this was my first time shooting this type of photo session, and I have to say, I am very proud of this set. It also helps that Megan and Chris make the cutest kids and family. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do!

Carter Family Maternity Photo Session

You may recognize the beautiful family in the pictures below. I was lucky enough to take their maternity photos when they were pregnant with their first child, Ryder, who is now 17 months! Megan and Chris are pregnant with their second child, and they wanted some family maternity photos before their newest addition. We got quite lucky with the day because it was very cloudy and foggy until we reached our destination, and the clouds started to give way to some beautiful blue skies. We hung out at the beach for the rest of the day, which was so fun because I was able to document some photos of them while they were relaxing. Can't wait for baby Carter #2 to arrive! 

Enjoy the photos below! I can't wait to share the film photos come in as well!